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Support with File Requests

Submitting a File Request

The only way to submit a File Reqeust is from the Project Dashboard:

If there is only one Organization in the Project, you'll be asked to add a second before being able to complete the File Request process. Clicking the link or button above will take you to the screen below. You'll need to follow the link to invite a Member from another Organization:

Once you have at least two Organizations in the Project, you'll be allowed to continue with the request wizard. Simply write out a descriptive phrase for the types of files you need and then select the Organization responsible for responding to the request. We recommend that you keep the request specific rather than broad so that it's easier to find files later once they've been uploaded.

Canceling a File Request

Please see Canceling a Report Request.

Approving a File Request

Approving a File Request is the first step in being able to upload documents to satisfy the request. After being notified of new requests, you'll see something similar to the following upon logging in and opening the Project:.

After clicking the "Approve" button next to a File Request, you'll see a message next to it guiding you to the next step where you'll actually upload documents:

Click the name of the File Request to navigate to the upload page:

After uploading files, you'll see something like the following:

Returning to the Project Dashboard, you'll notice that the message next to the request has changed:

Assuming those are all the files you think are required to satisfy the request, you're done. If you forgot a document, you can always return and upload another.

Rejecting a File Request

Please see Rejecting a Report Request.

Viewing Documents within a File Request

From the Project dashboard, click either the name of the File Request or inside the "More" dropdown click "View Files":

Then next to each document you'd like to view, click the "Download" button:

Open the documents from your Downloads folder to view.

Deleting a File Request

Please see Deleting a Report.