Things for Work | Getting Started

Getting Started with Things for Work

Important Terms and Definitions

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the various features of the Things for Work software, there are four terms that you should know:

Overview of Organizations

An Organization is used to manage all the users at a company - all employees at one company will be members of the same Organization. If you happen to have roles at more than one company, you can be a member of more than one Organization. For example, you're a bookkeeper that's hired on a consulting basis by the bookkeeping firm's clients. You're an employee of the bookkeeping firm, so you're a member of their Organizations. But you're also a consultant to the client, so you're a member of their Organization as well.

It's critical for users like bookkeepers to be a member of their client's Organization because of how the accounting software connection works: the connection belongs to the entire Organization (not just the user who connected it) and each Organization can only have one accounting software connection. Since a bookkeeper must connect the accounting software for all of their clients, they must do so from within each client's Organization. Otherwise if they do it from within the bookkeeping firm's Organization then they can only connect the accounting software of one client.

Bookkeepers are very unique as a result of them having access to their clients' accounting software. The majority of Things for Work users will only be a member of one Organization.

Overview of Projects

A Project is where users from different Organizations collaborate on Reports and File Reqeusts. When you sign up a new client, you create a new Project and then invite your client to join it. Then you populate it with Reports and File Requests. You can have as many Projects as you'd like. Only those Organizations that have been invited to join a specific Project will have access.

Overview of Reports

A Report is a set of monthly financial statements extracted from an Organization's accounting software. A Report sits inside a Project. To gather a Report, you first submit a Report request.

Overview of File Requests

A File Request is similar to a Report in that it helps gather like documents from another Organization. Like a Report, a File Request sits inside a Project. But unlike Reports, a File Request contains document(s) that a user uploads manually. To gather a set of like documents, you first submit a File Request.